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This Magical Season


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It is that time of the year that our thoughts mostly go to our loved ones and of cherished times past. We share with our families and special someone the warmth and glories of this special time of the year the magic of the season.

And for some perhaps new precedence will be set for future experiences and commitments they will share together and with others.
For some it is the spirit of giving, for others it is the sharing of the season and others still an opportunity to be with others to share with them their joys, dreams and happiness this special time of the year.

Some may revisit in memory a very special time and place of long ago that filled their hearts with love and joy and perhaps now they may share this with others as well. Others my revisit a painful past and wish to share joy with others so they may not have such an experience.

This is the season of giving when people feel the need to fill their hearts with love and share that love with mankind by sharing and caring. What better gift could there be?

Oh yes, and this is the time of the year for festivities when we share with our loved ones the spirit of this season.

What are you sharing with others this time of the year?

Could it be the anger you will leave behind when you decide to show your love for others?

Could it be your commitment to that special person or cause that you have neglected for so long?

Could it be that you have decided that love and caring for others is far more important than
self-elation and to benefit mankind is a far greater value to give than any present on earth?

No matter what your motive for sharing with others this very special time of the year you must agree it is the magic of this season that will move you to reflect, give of yourself and commit to mankind.


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