We turn your ideas into action Our designers will work with you to create the right visual and content for your business or firm. We will help you get your message out! Demonstrate to all that you are the best choice for them-there is no other. We build websites from a winning marketing perspective!


We will build a landing page just right for you. Add video to enhance the content and a slide show for greater vision. Pictures tell the story! We use pictures to enhance your message-less is more. Let us show you at your best!


Content videos tell a compelling story! Training videos help sales people to deliver your message to your clients. Demonstration videos deliver your product or service directly to the viewer.


We will help you create a marketing campaign just right for you. Our marketing experts will work with you to deliver the right message for your business often with a winning combination of video, print, voice and graphics!


With the use of newsletter campaigns directed to your current customers you will enjoy the benefits of keeping your brand in front of your customers more often.


We will build your newsletter around your business and send your newsletter to your clients or customers-up to twelve thousand per month for only forty-nine dollars per month.


Enhance your message with slideshows that offer motion and sound to get and keep the attention of your customers or clients. Our marketing experts will work with you to select the right tools for your campaign.


A powerful PowerPoint presentation may be the answer. Our experts will work with you to deliver your message with the greatest impact.


Benefits of video: Internet video stimulates business for businesses! According to a survey of business people by Forbes in October 2010, the marketing and communication impact of video on websites is substantial!

  • Videos create search engine optimization!
  • 400% increase in site retention if video is present according to a Wharton research center.
  • 833% increase in site visitation duration if video is present.
  • Videos Boosts memory retention by 50%
  • Products with video out-sell by over 35%
  • 45% increase in sales for video backed products
  • Web video delivers a more personal interaction
  • Video gives web-users new visual information
  • Cost-effective to produce for the value received
  • Video increases brand awareness

E Video Marketing