Customer Retention Program

Designed for you to:       


Build customer loyalty and referrals by allowing us to do the work for you. Each month we will maintain contact with your customers building your brand awareness and increase your revenue!

How it works:

  • We produce a commercial for your business-a scripted slide show or video.
  • Your commercial is housed on your very own portal/landing page hosted on our secured hosting server monitored twenty-four hours per day.
  • We create an email newsletter for you with your logo and branding and send it directly to your clients each month.
  • From your newsletter you ask your clients to visit your portal/landing page where they will be entertained by your commercial and where pictorially we demonstrate who you are and why they need to do business with you. At a glance they see that you are the one and only they choose to do business with.
  • From your portal/landing page there is a call to action to direct your customer to your website or place of business where they will be rewarded for doing so.

Studies show that you will do more business with your present customers if they see your brand more often and, for far less money than it costs to attract potential new customers who may not spend as much with you.

We will electronically deliver up to 12,000 of your Newsletters per month to your customers for ONLY $39.00 in a marketing campaign designed to STOP LOOSING YOUR CUSTOMERS!


Choose E Video Marketing for your Customer Retention Program!